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The Farm

The Farm Kit (60g)

The L'ATTI kit package uses a pulp mold made by adsorbing and drying various pulp raw materials by mixing them with water. It boasts excellent buffering power and is easy to recycle using recycled pulp. No preservatives, no harmful ingredients!


The shampoo bar’s medium-drying bottle grass extract, camellia oil, and grapefruit oil plant-derived surfactants cleanly wash away waste from the scalp to create a healthy scalp condition. The delicate nourishment of olive oil and camellia oil keeps you healthy until the end of the roots. #Dephyscaling #DephyscreticalCare


Changpo root extract, kelp extract, and bergamot essential oil rinse bar are not supposed to lather! When it comes into contact with lukewarm water, it turns into a moist and soft texture. Using bergamot essential oil, it leaves a subtle after scent that lingers after drying your hair, and Changpo root extract and argan oil make rough and dry hair silky smooth. #LusterCare #Silk Hair

Face | Body

Sunflower seed oil, olive oil, and camelgrass essential oil This is an all-in-one bar that can cleanse your face and body at once with the scent of fresh lemongrass. It contains Shea butter that provides deep moisturization to moisturize the skin. #full of vitality #low-stimulating cleanser

Natural Bar Soap (20g, 30g)

Green tea, Charcoal, Orange

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