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Secret Garden Line

Our premium product, crafted with nine exceptional patented natural plant-derived ingredients, epitomizes a professional standard of beauty. By scientifically combining the power of nature, it discovers a perfect balance, providing top-tier care to your skin and hair. Experience a graceful and confident beauty with this special product infused with professionalism.


410ml | 40ml

This shampoo uses natural ingredients to combat moisture loss and provide essential hydration. It features AHA-derived fruit juice to prevent moisture loss and supply moisture. Silk amino acids, derived from cocoons, enhance hair elasticity, shine, and softness while preventing static electricity. It contains a significant proportion of collagen and elastin, alongside essential amino acids like glycine, Proline, and alanine.


410ml | 40ml

The conditioner is enriched with citric acid, sourced from fruits, known as AHA. It fortifies the scalp, maintaining its strength and health, while ensuring a moist and static-free environment. It enhances elasticity and gloss for dry, externally stressed hair, delivering a soft and conditioned result.

Shower Gel

410ml | 40ml

This shower gel provides a protective shield for skin tissue by preventing moisture loss. It excels in moisturization, reducing space in the skin tissue to thwart harmful external factors like ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, dust, and chemicals. Designed for sensitive and dry skin, it acts gently, ensuring hydration and skin’s moisture retention.

Hand soap

410ml | 40ml

Our hand soap directly replenishes and activates moisture to maintain skin texture. It prevents water loss effectively and functions as a protective barrier against external elements by reducing the remaining space in skin tissue.

Body Lotion

410ml | 40ml

The body lotion, free from allergens, soothes and relieves skin irritation while safeguarding against moisture loss. It reduces the remaining space in the skin tissue, forming a protective barrier against harmful external factors such as ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, dust, and chemicals. Extracted from honeycombs, it forms a protective film on the skin, aiding in the prevention and maintenance of dry skin due to insufficient moisture.


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