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Infused with hydrolyzed keratin and silk, our formula goes beyond ordinary care. It not only nurtures and restores damaged hair, maintaining a soft and lustrous texture but also excels in minimizing skin irritation and ensuring optimal absorption. Revel in the luxury of a well-balanced and rejuvenating experience, where healthy hair and nourished skin come together seamlessly


300ml | 50ml

Infused with the refreshing fragrance of AHA-derived citric acid, it combines with natural moisture-retaining Trehalose to prevent moisture loss. Silky amino acids, collagen, and elastin, constituting 63% of the formulation, bestow elasticity, shine, and smoothness while safeguarding against static, dryness, and external elements.


300ml | 50ml

Extracted from the zesty AHA of fruits, this exceptional ingredient fortifies the scalp for robust health. It imparts anti-static properties, volume, luster, and resilience to hair against dryness and external stressors.

Shower Gel

300ml | 50ml

Acts as a moisture guardian, effectively preventing water loss and providing a shield against external threats such as UV rays, infrared rays, dust, and chemicals by reducing skin tissue interstitial spaces. It contains gentle ingredients for less irritation and smooth moisture supply, making it ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

Hand soap

300ml | 50ml

Directly hydrates and maintains the skin, promoting skin oil-water balance and normal skin circulation by minimizing skin irritation with a non-oxidizing pH.

Body Lotion

300ml | 50ml

Crafted with skin-soothing ingredients, it alleviates skin irritations, prevents moisture loss, and shields the skin against external threats like UV rays, infrared rays, dust, and chemicals. Extracted from honeycombs, it forms a protective film on the skin to prevent and maintain moisture, effectively preventing dryness.


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