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About L'atti

We Are L'atti Group

At L'atti, we provide our clients with exceptional professional services, harnessing state-of-the-art technology to deliver bespoke solutions enriched with a global essence, ensuring a unique and invigorating experience.


Our core commitment is to deliver an outstanding guest experience and provide tailored management services, prioritizing attentive customer engagement and top-tier hotel amenities.

Our expert team at L’atti is fully dedicated to crafting amenities for contemporary consumers, aiming to set innovative standards in the ever-evolving future amenities industry.

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Our Value

L’atti is committed to enhancing the value of beauty and happiness for our customers by persistently conducting research and developing innovative solutions that align with the evolving trends.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier products to our customers by continually researching and developing innovative formulas, tailored to address their preferences and requirements, ensuring a convenient and delightful experience with our high-quality offerings.

Moreover, our steadfast commitment extends to the endeavor of building a
distinguished organization that consistently strives to preserve and protect the ecosystem and the environment through purposeful actions and practices.”


Various Certifications of Manufacture Factories

1. ISO 22716:2007
2. KS Q ISO 9001:2015/ISO 9001:2015
3. KS l ISO 14001:2015/ISO 14001:2015
4. Certificate of Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice
5. GMP (Good manufacturing practices / Ministry of Food & Drug Safety)
6. EWG Green Grade Product
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